Fall In Love, Again

Fall In Love, Again #mentalhealth #love #art #yoga #running #adventure

It’s been a rough 3 years, I’ve been misdiagnosed until about 7 months ago. The meds I was taking were actually making my bipolar disorder worse. I’ve fallen out of love with pretty much everything including myself. I've felt so numb for so long that I didn't care if I ate, got out of bed, … Continue reading Fall In Love, Again

Valentine’s Day: Must Do’s For Single Ladies

If you’re like me, finding yourself alone on Valentines Day then don’t feel bad about it. You should love yourself everyday not just one day a year. If you get a little sad seeing couples getting engaged, having romantic dinners, or shopping together then take yourself out on a date night. This is an old … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Must Do’s For Single Ladies