August Goals: I’m Coming For You August

May-July goals were a complete bust with the lock down, social distancing, and masks. So I’m not even going to try and report those, as there wouldn’t be hardly any thing there to write.

With a little more lenience I can deal with wearing the mask (I got really cute ones from Ken and I love them, you can even get a filter! I picked up this one and this one, so cute!

I’d like to do a little more traveling around local or near to local places but the friend and I are spontaneous so I have no idea when or where we are going. We have had a few adventures like trail rides & rock crawling plus a grueling hiking trip to Catawba Falls waterfall.

August Goals: I’m Coming For You

Miles: To hold myself accountable I want to track at least 10 miles (it’s in the triple digits here and all I’ve got is my neighborhood since the gyms aren’t open. I’m hoping to break that 10 mile mark though

August goals

Books: I hope to read at least one book this month. With all this free time you’d think I’d use it more wisely – I’ve watched a lot of I.D Network & Dr. Phil. I’ve got about 2 books I want to knock out by at least October.

Yoga: I’ve done a little but not as much as I should. I want to practice everyday and it’s not like it’s hard. I’ve just fallen out of practice, maybe explains why I’ve been so moody lately 🤔

Self care: I did get a manicure and a pedicure 2 weeks ago with my best friends whom we haven’t seen in months. With this pandemic it’s been hard to get out to do anything plus the salons were closed. I haven’t even taken a bath with a bubble bar in a few weeks, I’m running low on bubble bars but don’t want to hit up the mall and be around a bunch of people.

Mental health: This is one that’s really taken a hit! My bipolar triggers are through the rough so I have rough days instead of one or two days. Some days I’m so anxious I feel like I’m crawling out of my own skin while other days I’m so depressed I can barely get out of bed (would explain the lack of blog posts).

August goals

Social media/blog: I really would like to build my following, I’d love to make money from this blog one day. After I get back into the swing of things I’m going to offer sponsors for $5 a month, I’d love to have you! More info on that as it gets closer.


There you have it, my goals I’ll be setting out to accomplish given in this pandemic no one really knows.

I just want to get your perspective as a reader on a few things though:

  1. How’ve you been during this entire thing?
  2. What are the blogging secrets you use?
  3. What would you like to see on Balanced Mochas?

Why You Should Consider Yoga

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What is yoga

The word “yoga” in Sanskrit means listen. Listening is the key to what yoga is all about. It is about listening to your body. Stretching, bending, breathing, and listening. It’s about becoming more aware of your body, its strengths, where it needs help, and nurturing it.

Why try yoga?

When doing the yoga pose itself the stretching opens up tight areas in the body and also strengthening those muscles. This helps with good posture and also helps you focus on body awareness. You relax or contract each muscle with each different yoga pose.

The benefits of yoga:

  1. It’s a great way to strengthen your body and core.
  2. It’s an excellent stress reliever.
  3. It can be done anywhere.
  4. It’s a good way to learn how to connect with yourself.
  5.  Yoga practices are fun and none competitive.
  6. Best of all it can be fine anywhere at any time.

Why yoga is for everyone?

Yoga helps you improve strength by using your core for support. While I’m a yoga pose your muscles are activated to keep you in that particular pose. Yoga helps tap into your own flexibility while limbering you up. Once you start it’s about stretching your limits.

Why You Should Consider Yoga


For me and myself

I found the first time I did yoga I felt better and I could breathe. My limbs felt light and my entire body felt refreshed after stretching.

You’re probably like “Leslie – cut the bullshit” but I bullshit you not friend! If you give it one session just one 30 minutes session I can assure you that you’ll notice a difference.

Once you do it everyday for a month you’ll noticed changes in the way your body feels, all of this just by stretching.

Why You Should Consider Yoga #yoga #routine #stretch #poses #workout

I’ve put together a few simple yet easy yoga poses for you to try, anyone that wants to try! Get your family and your friends in on each pose. These poses are better when done on the right equipment so no one gets hurt but have an optimal workout.

I’m no doctor so if you find yourself in pain or there is discomfort then don’t try yo push yourself. These poses can go at your own pace.

At first, I suggest doing one yoga pose a day. You can hold each pose for 2-3 minutes if you can. You can also increase that time once you continue your daily practice.

To help you get started I’ve posted 15 different poses that are sure to give you results. The key is to stretch into each pose, remember not to hurt yourself! Yoga is supposed to be relaxing.

Why You Should Consider Yoga #yoga #strength #workout

I decided to give you guys visuals for each pose rather than explain each pose. This way you’ll get an idea of what the correct pose looks like.

Adrian is an amazing teacher and she knows her stuff! I watch her videos and learn something new each time.

Yoga poses daily:
Chair Pose
Forward Fold pose
Upward dog pose
Cobra pose
Down dog pose
Staff pose
Mountain pose
Knee to nose pose
Warrior 1 pose
Warrior 2 pose
Warrior 3 pose
Reverse Warrior pose
Pigeon pose 

If you give any of these pose a try please let me know how they worked for you. Remember to only go at your own pace, do not strain or push yourself too hard.

Goals for 2020

Today is the first day of the new year, the first day for new beginnings, the first day for those resolutions. 

I don’t really stick to resolutions, I don’t know why really. Goals, goals I can stick to, I guess I just trust that word more than resolutions.

Why do we need goals?

Goals are a way to keep us focused although sometimes we get distracted, goals help to bring us back to the now and keep us pushing forward.

Goals for 2020

Goal List:

  1. My freelance business – I want to get it up and running, full time. I am hoping to make $2,000 a month by June. I  think it’s impossible for me to work full time in a office work environment with my poor mental health at times & migraines. Writing is by far my dream job and I’d love to be able to make a living from the fruits of my labor. I don’t think I’ve every been so excited or motivated. 

This brings me to my next goal:

  1. Mental health – when I have good days I get so much done, Other days not so much. You’d think mania days were productive but in my case you’d be wrong. I successfully start about 4-5 things and never finish them. Yeah, I need to make improvements.
  2. Healthy foods – I’m definitely going to start cooking and eating heather foods. At the end of 2019 I lost 25 pounds and feel great! I’d like to lose about 20 more which would put me at my goal weight again. I want to try foods I’ve never thought about trying before and sometimes forcing myself to like them.
  3. Running/Walking – this category & I have history which is also a love hate one. I use to run 6 miles everyday then after the half marathon (I didn’t train for – I know!) I hurt my knee so I dropped off (hints the weight gain). I’ve already signed up for a 5k, 10k (starting slow), and a challenging.

Fall In Love, Again #mentalhealth #love #art #yoga #running #adventure

  1. 1000 Mile Challenging – yes, you read it right. It’s to help raise money for charities. I have all year to do the 1000 miles but I’m hoping to knock them out by July. I’m so impatient.
  2.  Read more books – I’d like to start reading again, I’d like to read a book a month. We will see how that goes.

Wow, that’s more goals than I thought I had.. 

What’s the biggest goal you wish to accomplish this year?

A New Piece Of The Puzzle

Hi, I’m Leslie Nichole! I’m a white chocolate mocha lovin, sangria sipping, big book reading, sarcastically witty, 30 something still trying to figure out my place. Yeah, it happens when there are bumps in the road. I wish it was smooth sailing but if that were the case then I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today.

A New Piece Of The Puzzle

I started this new journey to share lifestyle topics, recipes, adventures, and to help diminish the stigma behind mental health. (bipolar 1 disorder right here 👈🏼)


I’ve been a blogger but haven’t had a blog in about a year and a half. Life had gotten crazy and about a month ago I realized now is the perfect time to start a blog! I can find new people to connect with, I can read great content from others, and I might even make a little money.

I’ll usually be found networking for my Content writing business, let me tell ya freelancing is hard! I did it part time for 2 years but since I was let go from my job in late October (being bipolar is also hard) of this year I’ve decided to make it my full time. When I was doing it part time I had 3 consistent clients but when i started in accounting I gave them a referral so now I’m starting all over leaving me feeling like I’m all over the place. If you know anyone who’s looking for a blog post or web site content writer; please send them my way, I’ll give you 10% of the earning if they make a purchase! 👍🏼

I enjoy whipping up cakes or cupcakes when I need to relax and yoga or a walk down help. Baking is so relaxing to me it doesn’t matter if it’s cookies, cakes, or fudge I love playing in confectionery sugar. The dishwasher may not like it because I make a mess but my Kitchen-aid mixer and myself do.


On a side note: I don’t want to offend anyone with my blog, since that seems to be happening lately. I’m not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or doctor so what I share is from my own experiences through my eyes. Just know every time you leave I lose a little piece of me 😊

Tell me something about yourself? Something quirky, those are fun!