Partner With Balanced Mochas

I’m opening the blog to partnership, I’d love to have you hang out on my sidebar for a month!

There are great perks that come with having a little piece of real estate on the blog.

What will you receive with this partnership you ask?

  • A blog post showcasing you along with your blog. (you’ll need to send a short introduction to yourself and blog)
  • Two tweet shoutouts with a blog post of your choice or just your blog link.
  • A Pinterest pin at the peak time once a week.
  • A 250×250 graphic will be added to the sidebar of the blog under “Partner With Balanced Mochas”.

Check out my stats:

Pinterest: 7.5k followers

Instagram: 1,940 followers

Twitter: 645 followers

Facebook: 329 followers

As you can see Pinterest is my favorite platform along with Instagram.

If you’d like to partner space is limited so grab your spot today by emailing me at and I’ll send over an invoice.

I know it’s simpler with a PayPal button but for your security with these crazy times you never know where hackers hang out, so I’d rather keep you safe.

As a bonus spots are 50% off for a limited time!

1 month partnership: $10.00 (at 50% off reg: $20)
2 month partnership: $20.00 (at 50% off reg: $40)