Goals – May to July

Spring is finally here it seems! We have temperatures reaching 75-80* already. It may only be for a day or two but they’re great. Hopefully the warm temps will help curb Covid19, that’s scary stuff!

I set this post up before Covid hit us all and has everyone at home so these may or may not be achieved depending on what happens in the next coming months.

Right now I’m having a few lazy day activities by myself and I’ve even caught myself talking to the cat about TV shows, we’ve still got 12 days left! however I did stay in about 2 weeks before the order.

I like to think of spring as another new beginning, kind of like I think of each morning too. It’s time to shed the damper and darkness that might be hanging around from those winter blues and step into some beautiful color.

I’ve found over the last few years that I am definitely a mountain girl, when I was younger going to the beach use to be my jam but now that I’m kind of germaphobic with the water and all the people.

I do still enjoy sitting in the sand listening to the waves crash and the seagulls talk to one another while the tide rolls in.


I would much rather head to the mountains, where I’ve seen some of the most breathe taking views.


See, I love the beach but you can’t see views like that on the water. Well, not on the East Coast anyway.

Goals for May through July. Wish me luck!

Spring Goals for May – July 2020

•  2 Hiking adventures

• Start a garden

• Read 1 book

• Walk/run 100 miles

• Write & publish 10 blog posts


10 Yoga Poses For Anxiety

It’s hard to smile through anxiety, exhaustion, depression & frustrations. In case you think anxiety is “something you can get over” I’m here to tell you that it’s not because if that were possible all anxiety and depression would not exist.

The truth is for ones who maybe fortunate enough to swerve by and miss these states of mind all together and don’t know what it’s like, depression is like sitting in a room full of people with a blank stare and not a thought in your head but hearing everything going on around you and being too exhausted to respond to any of it. Anxiety feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest while your mind whirls through days and days of events in 10 seconds then around again, you’re too agitated to try to make sense.


How does all of this sound? Yeah, terrible. So just think of the person that is suffering from anxiety and depression, think about what they go through on a daily basis. Day in and day out.

It can be debilitating some days, going over everything your thinking, feeling, wondering, and questioning. Some days you feel like you can’t even breathe but you try to empty your mind of all thoughts and try to let all emotion fall away while you try to escape if only for a minutes worth of peace.


I love that mental health has come to light over the last few years after being neglected for what seems like forever.

As each of us share our stories, tips, and tricks we learn more and more which only expands our mental health toolkits and helps us meet and reach out to new friends that understand the struggle we’re bounded in.

To get to know your friendly asana’s lets take a look at what these poses are and how they can help with anxiety:

”An asana is a body posture, originally and still a general term for a sitting meditation pose, and later extended in hatha yoga and modern yoga as exercise, to any type of pose or position, adding reclining, standing, inverted, twisting, and balancing poses.”

These poses are great for helping to relieve anxiety, these poses are also beginner friendly but don’t push yourself if you can’t complete the pose. That’s just motivation to keep giving them a try, huh?


  1. Bound Angel Pose
  2. Bow pose
  3. Bridge pose
  4. Cat/Cow pose
  5. Camel pose
  6. Half Moon pose
  7. Extended puppy pose
  8. Staff Pose
  9. Seated forward bend pose
  10. Legs up wall pose (my favorite)

You’ll feel better instantly after these poses, they give a sense of relief to all those anxieties by quieting the mind and concentrating on your breathing while also helping the psychical ailments as well while working to help lengthen and stretch the targeted muscles of the poses.

As I stated previously these poses are kept in mind with the beginner in mind. You can always go deeper into the pose if you’re use to doing yoga on the regular.

If you decided to give these gentle poses a try leave me a note in the comments about how you felt after your sesh, I’d love to hear from you!


Silk Elements Heat Protectant Spray Review

I have no idea where my curly hair came from, the only people with it in my family just so happens to be me and my aunt. 

Needless to say we both despise it, it just takes so much up keep! As you can see below it gets pretty unruly if it dries naturally with little to no product. However it is still so soft and smells great thanks to my shampoo and conditioner, with a very light scent.

(In the photo I’m not wearing any makeup, I’m a little self conscious about that. I was in a tornado when I was 3 and have broken blood vessels on my cheeks and face.)


Until i got it trimmed and thinned out it was halfway down my back curly and almost to my butt when i straightened it. Which took me a little over 2 hours to straighten after all was said and done.

I love natural hair products because they help give my curls the moisture they need to survive being my hair. I wear it in messy buns most of the time so I’m constantly breaking it.


How is wearing your hair up everyday harmful?

The hair tie breaks hair off where it’s held tightly to hold the style desired, if you do this everyday you’re causing a massive amount of breakage. Try alternating styles between loose and tight hairstyles for less breakage.

A friend told me about the Silk Elements line of product and that day I went to pick up the shampoo, conditioner, and the heat protectant spray.


Umm can I say that I’m hooked?! Now it’s pretty much all I use except for a little John Frieda straightener product. When using the products they don’t weigh my hair down like products I’ve tried in the past have. There is also no flaking from the products, which I’ve also had happen.

I love a good investment when it comes to myself (who doesn’t right?) especially when it makes me feel pretty and like I have my shit together (yeah I’m totally winging it).


I love how soft and shiny my hair is after it’s straightened using the Silk Elements heat protectant spray and a small amount of Moroccan argon oil on my ends.

I also like how neither of the products have a strong smell, smells gives me headaches which is another big reason I’m excited to find them!

Ugh, you can definitely see the difference! The style lasts for days with a little dry shampoo as well.


Im not by any means a beauty blogger so those of you who are may be like “ok what’s she proud of?!”. I’m starting to learn my hair which I’ve never done before, so I’m pretty proud of myself for throwing together random products that actually work for me. I did the same when I do wear my hair curly.

Needless to say these products will forever be in my bathroom cabinet for as long as I can find them. Anything that tames this mane is a must keep!

Do you have a new product I should try? Tell me in the comments!



Try These 5 Ways To Reduce Social Anxiety

Anxiety can show up at the worst of times like while driving, having dinner, or being in crowds, etc.

You can have a number of ways to help combat anxiety in your toolkit such as yoga, essential oils, and meditation.

It helps to have a small system in place when you feel anxiety coming on in a public place, at least for me it does.

Your ultimate goal is to find ways to help yourself out of your anxious mood, I can tell you that no matter what happens; you make it out on the other side.



5 Ways To Reduce Social Anxiety

Write Down Goals – this exercise helps you know and understand where you are in your mental state order to move forward to achieve your goals. This is my number one because you should go big and not just vague goals.

Keep a journal – this is a great way to pinpoint triggers that can help you stay mindful in the long run. I also love this tip because it can double as a brain dump for the end of the day. The notebook you’re writing in can contain anything you want it to, even if it’s just a piece of paper.

Wear something beautiful – if you have social anxiety about your appearance pick out something you feel beautiful in. Remember there is no standard of beauty, you create it all yourself. If you feel great you give off a light of confidence, which shines bright.

Meditation – this one can be a little tricky but there is no right or wrong way to do it. If you’re finding it hard then use a guided meditation to help keep your brain from wondering and until you get the hang of how to meditate without interruption.

Take deep breaths – here is my go to that can help in the moment. Little tricks are always welcomed when you need a quick fix. Find a nice quiet place then breathe in and breathe out slowly, repeat 5-10 times or as many as you need. If you can’t find somewhere quiet to do this then noise is even better which helps you intently focus on your breathing. I know that last part sounds counter productive but sometimes it’s the best way.

I know how hard it is to regain composure after an anxiety attack no matter how big or small.

You’re also trying not to have a full blown panic attack so don’t concentrate on your feelings of panic just concentrate if these tips and mindfulness.

Be mindful of your surroundings, what can you smell, taste, hear, touch? These questions bring you back to the here and now if the moment you’re in helping to ease any anxious thoughts that may still arise.

These tips are the go-to’s I can count on to bring me back to myself no matter how far I’ve been pulled out.

You can practice different techniques until you find a string that work for you. What works for me might not help you.


3 Ways To Curb Driving Anxiety

I have really bad social anxiety but over the last few years it has manifested in other anxieties too.

Over the last year, I’ve occurred driving anxiety. Not your typical I’m scared of driving because highways are scary. Nope, this is a full on nightmare (I drive out of state a lot and I’m terrified most of time but these tips help a ton!).

I’m ok if I’m going somewhere that I know like the grocery store, work, or my favorite places but take me outside my city limits (see what I did there, trying to lighten the mood a little) and I become a full blown anxious mess.

Curb driving anxiety #anxiety #driving #tips

I get this anxious feeling and the cars are so close on a 6 lane highway with the speed limit of 75mph and everyone is going well over while trying to push you out of the way and into the car in front of you, like you’re a ghost or because the have the ability to make the car in front of you go faster.

I am worried about getting into an accident and hurting or killing someone. I know that sounds crazy but I am terrified someone is going to die because of me. I think what if I have a panic attack while I’m driving, what if I lose control, what if I get trapped. All of these and more are swirling around on repeat in my brain.



Here are 3 ways I curb my driving anxiety:

1. Use affirmations – this is a huge one for me! It may sound like a bunch of woohoo if you don’t believe in it like affirmations but they help me. I repeat something like “I can only control my vehicle” or “you are fine, everything is ok and will be ok”.

2. Take slow deep breaths – When you feel your anxiety coming on. Relax your shoulders, sit back, and relax your jaw. I’m a huge jaw clincher myself, that’s a tell sign I’m anxious.

3. Practice being mindful – being aware of your surroundings can help de-escalate the situation. Take into account how you feel at that moment and let yourself let it go. Also try to be aware of what makes you happy in a moment you’re not anxious. Are you feeling excited because you’re going to see a friend, your favorite restaurant, or you’re headed on an adventure? Let that feeling guide you throughout your journey too.

As I said in my affirmation, you can only control yourself and your car. If someone travels into your lane, don’t panic just give the other driver a moment to correct themselves. You don’t need to keep the trend going by drifting into someone else’s lane because that person may not be paying attention.

The trick is not to add to your anxiety and take the steps needed to make yourself feel safe with your surroundings. Checking your blind spots, using your blinker, and traveling in the slower lane can make you feel safer when you’re surrounded by lanes of traffic or just 2 lanes of traffic.