Kevin Murphy Hair Product Review

I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I have naturally curly hair and I usually love it except for days it’s raining.

This is my hair when it’s wet and curly. See how the curls look so dull? I found products that i quickly fell in love with!

I’ve tried countless hair products through my lifetime and although I have my favorites I fell in love with Kevin Murphy products!

Why take care of your hair?

Taking care of your hair can make you feel more confident and taking care of your hair is just like taking care of any other part of your body. While other body parts are covered your hair is subjected to UV rays, pollution, and chemicals.

If you haven’t met Kevin and his awesome products then I suggest you do because the Ever Smooth product calms my curls while the Kevin Murphy Killer Curls hydrates, tightens, and makes my curls more manageable.

Before you think about styling your hair you need to give it a good wash to make sure all the dirt and everyday build up is washed away. I have just the thing though.

*This post contains affiliate links, you can read the full disclosure here*

The Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash will do the trick because it will quench your dry parched locks, The formula is a super smoothing hydrating wash. This wash is great for anyone with dry hair or exposed to dry climates. Antioxidant-rich blend helps boost hydration, helps add essential moisture and shine, and Packed with vitamins and nourishing oil.

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Rinse is created to smooth thick nourish and smooth thick, coarse hair using ion-based cation technology, Keratin Proteins mimic the structure of hair’s natural proteins to seamlessly smooth and refine where needed the most.

The Ever Smooth formula is also paraben and sulfate free. The other benefits are it’s humidity free, anti-frizz, and a style extender which is heat activated. 

The Killer Curls formula protects against uva/uvb rays, it’s an anti-frizz curl defined, antioxidant rich, and the formula is paraben and sulfate free. It helps to spring back saggy curls, helping to activate curls while adding essential moisture to throw out the frizz. Making your curls look natural and soft. .

I wash my hair about twice a week and these products don’t dry them out and my hair looks better than it has in years!

A little bit of these products go a long way, so you don’t have to use much to get great results. Which I love! 

Here is the outcome of straightening with Kevin Murphy’s Ever Smooth, It feels so soft and the bumps and creases are gone.

This post is in no way sponsored by Kevin Murphy but I just love the products and I think you will too!

6 thoughts on “Kevin Murphy Hair Product Review

    1. They’re awesome! If you have color treated hair try the Angel-Wash. It smells so good and it leaves your hair soft and keeps your colors from fading. I love all of their products really lol so I might be a little biased.

  1. I also have a love- hate relationship with my curly hair, especially now that it’s going grey. I’ll try these products as my traditional products aren’t working with the kinky gray. 😦 Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. ugh curly hair, blah haha. I love the wash & rinse I added to the post and there is a product called “Killer Curls” which makes my curls tight and uniform ll the way around. Hah, I fell in love with this brand so I sampled everything.

  2. It sounds like a great thing for curly haired people – I’m a straight-fine hair person but I live in envy of your hair. Pinned for future reference.

    1. Thank you for pinning! If you have any questions about the products you’d like to try please feel free to ask me. I’ll ask my hair dresser and you can even order the trial sizes, that’s what I did to see if I liked the products.

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