Things I Do You Probably Don’t

Everyone has their own quirks, it makes them who they are just as yours makes you who you are.

What some may consider odd or weird others think is perfectly normal, so who is to say?

I had a lot of fun writing the list for this post so I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. Let’s head into the list shall we..

Things I do you probably don’t

Things I Do You Probably Don’t 

1. I only eat finger foods if I’m in a group of more than 3 people.

There is a reasoning behind this though, when i was 3 i was in a tornado and the entire left side of my face was taken off by a cement slab – so I can’t feel it. I’m self conscious about it so finger foods it is!

2. I eat dessert first. This drives my twin brother crazy when we go out to eat. It’s the main reason I showed up for the occasion so why not. I get my entree to go so I can enjoy it at home, especially if it includes #1 ☝🏼
Things I Do You Probably Don’t - it’s what makes us unique

3. I take a shower before I take a bath, I want to make sure I’m clean so I can get clean while relaxing reading my book enjoying my “Bewitched” Lush bubble bar.

If you’re a dirty little bath taker too then I suggest the “Bewitched” bubble bar, it smells amazing! It’s only available for Halloween so you’ve got to stock up but they keep nicely. These little bars also give at least 2 baths, they are in the shape of a black cat face and they turn the water black. Soooo relaxing.

4. I listen to a new song at least 4 times when I first heard it. The first two times I’m listening to the lyrics then the other two I’m listening to the actual music. A brilliant baseline or a drummer rhythm get me every time!

5. I always get rainbow sprinkles! I think they make life better. I put that shit in everything, on my pop tarts, in my cookies & cream milkshakes, ice cream.. you get the point. SO good. I love their crunch.

Things I do you probably don’t

6. I eat pizza backwards, so crust first. I also use a fork and knife. No judging, again my face.

7. I always order free magazines but never read them. They usually get dropped off at my moms house. I might skin the recipes though.

8. I love to write and read! Everyone thinks I’m being a weird nerd when I’d rather read than watch tv.

9. I sometimes do yoga in bed, yeah it’s lazy I know. Some days I just don’t feel like getting up to complete a routine. I’ve found a few yoga poses that I can do in bed that absolutely make my day. I don’t know if it’s because I’m relaxing in a seated or laying position but my back or shoulders will pop now and then. I feel the tension in my muscles automatically ease.

What’s your quirk? We all have more than one I’m sure. Share with me what makes you unique?

19 thoughts on “Things I Do You Probably Don’t

  1. This was such a fun read! and omww I also do listen to a song over and over after hearing it for the first time. Number 3 is very interesting tho haha

  2. These are some fun interesting facts about yourself. I like that you eat dessert first. I used to choose to read over watching TV. Now I’m the opposite, even though I own THOUSANDS of e-books.

  3. I usually eat dessert before the meal as well. It’s a habit that my father got me into – he always used to say if you didn’t make it through the meal, at least you enjoyed the good part lol I know that sounds a little morbid but that was his sense of humour lol

  4. The showering before a bath is actually a great idea. I keep meaning to take a nice, relaxing bath with a glass of wine and a bath bomb. I just need to get the bath bomb! lol. I also tend to eat the crust first on pizza, if at all. I’d rather have all the cheesy goodness and toppings last! One of my quirks is that I eat half of something and leave the other half. For example, half of a cookie, or half of a piece of bread. It’s because I want the flavor, but not the actual entire ‘thing’. My husband teases me for it and always says, “Well, you can tell Ashley struck,’ lol.

  5. Fun! I might start eating dessert first. I love dessert but sometimes after a big meal, I am too full. I have been known to order just a salad and dessert, though.

  6. Love it! I also am a firm believer in shower before bath. I mean, I want to soak in luxurious salts and soaks and whatnot – not whatever grossness happened to me today.
    My quirk is that I like to eat my foods one at a time. So if you give me a meat, a salad, and a vegetable – I’ll sample them, then decide what the right order to eat them in is.

  7. Ah see I rarely eat dessert at all – I’m definitely more of a savoury person myself.

  8. I eat pizza with a fork! But not due to any issues- I just like to dip it in ranch! I do not take near enough relaxing soaks! One decision I made in our new house was to opt for a large shower only in our bathroom. I rarely get in the tub and the room looks bigger. To take a nice relaxing bath I now have to wait for the kids to go to bed, put up bath toys, clean their tub (cuz kids), and it’s really only happened once this year! Maybe one day I’ll have our shower ripped out and plumbed with a large soaker tu and shower combo.

  9. I definitely listen to a song over and over when I first hear it! I put bacon ranch dressing on my pizza. I also drown my spaghetti in parmesan. Drives my Italian husband bonkers!

  10. What a fab idea for a post! Nothing wrong with doing Yoga in bed. There are some fab Yoga poses you can easily do it bed which feel totally yummy. Although I can’t believeeee you eat dessert first!

  11. This is so interesting!! I’ve never heard of these quirks but truly, they make you YOU and so special and unique!
    I’ve definitely done the yoga in bed! It’s nice right before you fall asleep or right before you get out of bed in the morning! Makes you feel all nice and stretched out!

  12. Fun!! So unique that not others do, sing in a competitive quartet. Ok, there are 4 of us and we compete, so there are others, but… i love mashed potatoes in chicken noodle soup. I like lemon or orange sorbet with hot fudge. Thanks for sharing your list!!

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