Goals – May to July

Spring is finally here it seems! We have temperatures reaching 75-80* already. It may only be for a day or two but they’re great. Hopefully the warm temps will help curb Covid19, that’s scary stuff!

I set this post up before Covid hit us all and has everyone at home so these may or may not be achieved depending on what happens in the next coming months.

Right now I’m having a few lazy day activities by myself and I’ve even caught myself talking to the cat about TV shows, we’ve still got 12 days left! however I did stay in about 2 weeks before the order.

Goals: May To July

I like to think of spring as another new beginning, kind of like I think of each morning too. It’s time to shed the damper and darkness that might be hanging around from those winter blues and step into some beautiful color.

I’ve found over the last few years that I am definitely a mountain girl, when I was younger going to the beach use to be my jam but now that I’m kind of germaphobic with the water and all the people.

I do still enjoy sitting in the sand listening to the waves crash and the seagulls talk to one another while the tide rolls in.


I would much rather head to the mountains, where I’ve seen some of the most breathe taking views.


See, I love the beach but you can’t see views like that on the water. Well, not on the East Coast anyway.

Spring Goals for May – July 2020

•  2 Hiking adventures

• Start a garden

• Read 1 book

• Walk/run 100 miles

• Write & publish 10 blog posts


15 thoughts on “Goals – May to July

  1. There are no mountains near where I live but I am more of a woodland and river girl than a beach girl. I find at the beach it is always either too cold and windy or too hot! Your photo of the waterfall is beautiful. Good luck with your Spring goals!

  2. Loved the photos! These are great goals. I’ve started setting smaller goals since so much is up in the air right now. We’ve started a garden. I can’t wait until things start popping up!

  3. What a lovely post Leslie, I still and always will love the beach life. There is something about sitting and watching the sea, its sounds and the smell of salt from the sea. Even better on a lovely day. But I also love mountains and their natural beauty. I hope you are doing well : ) xo


  4. These are great goals to have! I really like the garden one, it will be so worth it in the summer when it all looks beautiful! That beach looks so dreamy, just think of the amazing views you’ll find on your hike!

    Em x

    1. I haven’t yet started a garden, this virus has pretty much hindered progress in everything except napping 12 hours a day hah jk. We went to the beach on Memorial Day and it was perfect now I can’t wait to get in the elevation.

  5. Love the font, your pictures and the entire post!!!! There’s beauty in both the beach the mountains. Creation at it’s finest👍 hope you achieve your goals 📖😇♥️

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