Silk Elements Heat Protectant Spray Review

I have no idea where my curly hair came from, the only people with it in my family just so happens to be me and my aunt. 

Needless to say we both despise it, it just takes so much up keep! As you can see below it gets pretty unruly if it dries naturally with little to no product. However it is still so soft and smells great thanks to my shampoo and conditioner, with a very light scent.

(In the photo I’m not wearing any makeup, I’m a little self conscious about that. I was in a tornado when I was 3 and have broken blood vessels on my cheeks and face.)


Until i got it trimmed and thinned out it was halfway down my back curly and almost to my butt when i straightened it. Which took me a little over 2 hours to straighten after all was said and done.

I love natural hair products because they help give my curls the moisture they need to survive being my hair. I wear it in messy buns most of the time so I’m constantly breaking it.

Silk effects heat protectant review

How is wearing your hair up everyday harmful?

The hair tie breaks hair off where it’s held tightly to hold the style desired, if you do this everyday you’re causing a massive amount of breakage. Try alternating styles between loose and tight hairstyles for less breakage.

A friend told me about the Silk Elements line of product and that day I went to pick up the shampoo, conditioner, and the heat protectant spray.


Umm can I say that I’m hooked?! Now it’s pretty much all I use except for a little John Frieda straightener product. When using the products they don’t weigh my hair down like products I’ve tried in the past have. There is also no flaking from the products, which I’ve also had happen.

I love a good investment when it comes to myself (who doesn’t right?) especially when it makes me feel pretty and like I have my shit together (yeah I’m totally winging it).

I love how soft and shiny my hair is after it’s straightened using the Silk Elements heat protectant spray and a small amount of Moroccan argon oil on my ends.

I also like how neither of the products have a strong smell, smells gives me headaches which is another big reason I’m excited to find them!

Ugh, you can definitely see the difference! The style lasts for days with a little dry shampoo as well.


Im not by any means a beauty blogger so those of you who are may be like “ok what’s she proud of?!”. I’m starting to learn my hair which I’ve never done before, so I’m pretty proud of myself for throwing together random products that actually work for me. I did the same when I do wear my hair curly.

Needless to say these products will forever be in my bathroom cabinet for as long as I can find them. Anything that tames this mane is a must keep!

Do you have a new product I should try? Tell me in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Silk Elements Heat Protectant Spray Review

    1. It’s made such a different in the way my hair falls and straightens. I’ve picked up more because I can’t live without it haha. Let me know if you try it and what ya think.

  1. My hair has changed so much over the years. Now it is curly underneath and just wavy on top. I feel like the only way it is Truly presentable is if I straighten it.

    Thank you for sharing this, I’m gonna look into these. I do not like strong smelling products so it sounds perfect!

  2. Your hair looks lovely, these products clearly work so well! I have really short hair, but when it grows it get’s kinda wavy too. Would defo add these into my routine if I ever decided to grow my hair a bit longer. Thanks for sharing your review, fab post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

  3. That is some seriously funky hair in that first photo! Very similar to how my partners hair goes, and she wears it up 90% of the time…much to my disappointment 😬 mainly because it takes 2 hours to straighten it finds it to much hassle.

    1. Yes, i feel the pain! Hah, it was something else when I blow dry it. It’s embarrassing but It has to be done haha so it for the blog right? It’s hard to tame it so when I find something that works I get a little giddy with joy.

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