Valentine’s Day: Must Do’s For Single Ladies

If you’re like me, finding yourself alone on Valentines Day then don’t feel bad about it.

You should love yourself everyday not just one day a year. If you get a little sad seeing couples getting engaged, having romantic dinners, or shopping together then take yourself out on a date night.

This is an old tradition on Valentine’s Day for me. Some might get together with their single female friends and call it a Galentines date.

I’m not very good with relationships although I’ve been engaged twice. I’m not willing to just settle. The breakups I’ve had I’ve had a few complaints but only that i am too laid back, i don’t have enough drama, or my favorite that i don’t show enough affection. When you’ve had past trauma as a young adult that doesn’t just go away.

You never after have to apologize for being yourself.

Why date yourself?

You need a reminder to love yourself? Life can get crazy busy, lonely, and hectic. You’ll never let yourself down (and if you do then it’s not the end of the world; dust yourself off and keep pushing forward). You’ve got to love yourself first before you can love someone else. Ask yourself what you want from yourself, dig deep! The more you know about yourself the confident you’ll be.

Valentine’s Day: Must Do’s For Single Ladies

Here are a few suggestions on what you can do for Valentines Day as a single woman:

  • Take yourself out to brunch or dinner – you won’t be the only one doing this. If you sit at the bar you may even strike up a conversation. You can also stay in to enjoy the quiet, eat everything or just simply something.
    Valentine’s Day: Must Do’s For Single Ladies #Valentine’sDay #selfcare #selflove
  • Read a book – I think it’s exciting to get lost in a world that isn’t yours for awhile. Being able to close the book of your life to fall into an imaginary world, learn something in a memoir, or catch up on all those magazine subscriptions.
  • Watch A Movie – everyone has a go to movie or even a cartoon or animated adventure they love. Why not break it out and have a good laugh with a glass of wine.
  • Take A Bath – I like to head to Lush and grab a good bubble bar for a bath. I do take a shower before my bath though. A lot of people laugh at me when I tell them that. A bath also helps you relax and makes your skin feel amazing.Valentine’s Day: Must Do’s For Single Ladies #Valentine’sDay #selfcare #selflove
  • Find something you enjoy doing – you’ll forget all your troubles if you’re doing what you enjoy. For you thisMaybe knitting, painting, scream therapy, yoga, baking, etc. Your activity may look different but they all have one thing in common you love them!
  • Social media detox – if you’re feeling vulnerable, lonely, or just don’t care then do a social media detox go tv the day. There are so many things you can do you’ll forget all about social media’s kissing faces and engagement rings.
  • Take a nap – this is hands down probably one of my favorite things to do. Once I turn on my fan, crawl into bed, and pull my soft fluffy blankets over me I feel like life is great. Taking a nap not only helps rest and recharge but also to help you get out of your head.Valentine’s Day: Must Do’s For Single Ladies #Valentine’sDay #selfcare #selflove

These are a few of the things I’ll be doing on this Valentines Day. I may even put a few of them together like taking a nap in the tub, which with my luck would be a horrible idea.

 What will you decide to do?

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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Must Do’s For Single Ladies

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this post! So many people get down on Valentine’s Day but I think self-love is twice as important.

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