Lazy Day Activities

Sometimes it’s hard to have a lazy day but when they do come around it feels awesome! I maybe a little weird about the things I like to do on lazy days but hey, to each is there own, right?

What do I consider a lazy day?

To me, a lazy day is a day to take some “me” time and just take a break from life. A little time to let everything else fall by the way side for a bit.

Lazy day activities you’ll enjoy

Lazy day activities:

Read a book – I like to think of myself like Belle from Beauty & The Beast. I do love my books of all shapes and sizes. 

Journal – nothing is better to me than feeling pen on paper. The way the lines flow onto the page creating words to be read (or not – its my preciooooous).

Diffusing – I love my essential oil diffuser, it’s great and keeps me happy! With so many scent combinations you can’t get bored, there’s even different ones that act as mood enhancers.

MUSIC – this is actually one of my all time go to’s. I love listening to the lyrics that resignation or the rhythm behind the words. Have a bad day? Music. bored? Music. Bad day? Music. You get the point. I have a different playlist for all my moods. I listen to everything from zen, country, R&B, and drum & bass. I just love it all! If you have a song, drop it in the comments.

Valentine’s Day: Must Do’s For Single Ladies #Valentine’sDay #selfcare #selflove

Painting – I’ve fallen out of this recently but I’m getting back into it. I love the freeing feeling I get while splattering the canvas multiple colors or simple brush strokes.

Drums – yes, I play the drums and play around on them. They’re a huge stress reliever when I need something I bang on or throw sticks at. If you’ve noticed with this noise making instrument you can either have a plan or go at it alone. I memorize the songs I play since I’m still trying to figure out how to read music.

Crystals/meditation  – I believe in the power and healing properties that crystals have to offer. I Just sit or maybe lay with one or two in hand and meditate or clear my mind of everything. I have quite a collection but I do have my favorites.

Aerial yoga – I absolutely love these classes! Who doesn’t want to twirl around in huge stretchy soft ribbons suspended from the ceiling? I will say it was a disaster the first few times.

Walking/running – I mentioned in my goals for this year I will be walking/running 1,000 miles, I have a year to do so but I’m hoping to finish in July. Of course I’d want to finish early. I’m so impatient (with everything)!

What’s your number one hands down favorite thing to do when you get time to have a lazy day?

20 thoughts on “Lazy Day Activities

  1. Reading and music for sure. Playing and listening to music 🙂 I also watch whatever tennis is on TV. Thanks for this great post. It inspired me to have a lazy day soon.

  2. When I take an absolute lazy day, my favorite thing to do is watch trash on Netflix or draw. It’s nice to hear about what you end up doing!

  3. I love having a lazy day, I find it so relaxing just being able to do what I want from bingeing a Netflix series, to baking or a long walk. Everyone should have a lazy day at least a couple of times a month it really helps to relax and forget about other worries or stress.

  4. This is so important! We all need to unwind and recover. If ‘lazy’ has negative connotations for you, try calling it a self-care day 🙂

  5. This is a great self care list! Reading always calms my mind and helps me relax. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Whenever I actually have an opportunity to be lazy (which is rare) – I read or bake or have a dance party in my room haha. Sometimes I also enjoy a bath while listening to an audiobook or podcast! I love your ideas as well. They make me crave a truly chill day!

  7. My perfect lazy day? Netflix, long bath and some wine 🍷 but lately I have more super busy days, no time for laziness hihi

  8. There are so many great ideas! I was in self-isolation for two weeks and managed to do a lot on my to-do list as well as crafting and reading. Stay safe!

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