A New Piece Of The Puzzle

Hi, I’m Leslie Nichole! I’m a white chocolate mocha lovin, sangria sipping, big book reading, sarcastically witty, 30 something still trying to figure out my place. Yeah, it happens when there are bumps in the road. I wish it was smooth sailing but if that were the case then I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today.

A New Piece Of The Puzzle

I started this new journey to share lifestyle topics, recipes, adventures, and to help diminish the stigma behind mental health. (bipolar 1 disorder right here 👈🏼)


I’ve been a blogger but haven’t had a blog in about a year and a half. Life had gotten crazy and about a month ago I realized now is the perfect time to start a blog! I can find new people to connect with, I can read great content from others, and I might even make a little money.

I’ll usually be found networking for my Content writing business, let me tell ya freelancing is hard! I did it part time for 2 years but since I was let go from my job in late October (being bipolar is also hard) of this year I’ve decided to make it my full time. When I was doing it part time I had 3 consistent clients but when i started in accounting I gave them a referral so now I’m starting all over leaving me feeling like I’m all over the place. If you know anyone who’s looking for a blog post or web site content writer; please send them my way, I’ll give you 10% of the earning if they make a purchase! 👍🏼

I enjoy whipping up cakes or cupcakes when I need to relax and yoga or a walk down help. Baking is so relaxing to me it doesn’t matter if it’s cookies, cakes, or fudge I love playing in confectionery sugar. The dishwasher may not like it because I make a mess but my Kitchen-aid mixer and myself do.


On a side note: I don’t want to offend anyone with my blog, since that seems to be happening lately. I’m not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or doctor so what I share is from my own experiences through my eyes. Just know every time you leave I lose a little piece of me 😊

Tell me something about yourself? Something quirky, those are fun!

6 thoughts on “A New Piece Of The Puzzle

  1. Good Luck with your blog and journey. I have a daughter who is also Bipolar, plus a couple other “things”. Not sure if she has ever thought of one of her outlets cooking, but I love that it is one of yours.

    I look forward to seeing your posts!!

    1. Tell her to give it a try, anything that’s calming I found I’d great. I know that’s probably a no brained though. I hope she finds something, it’s really hard.

    2. I make them big lol I make everything that way, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. Yes, the trolls shall stay under the bridge. Hehe they shall not pass!

  2. Hey 😊
    Glad to see you getting back into the groove of the blogging gang lol. Your style of writing instantly captured my attention.
    I’m Janae! 💋 I look forward to being apart of this journey with you. I’m new to the blog scene, struggling to get my followers up but it’s the fun of blogging that keeps me here. Anyway, talk with you soon hon!

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